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Valorant Accounts for sale

Buy High-Ranked Ready-to-Play VALORANT Accounts

High-Ranked Ready-to-Play VALORANT Accounts

Valorant, stylized as VALORANT, is one of the latest crazes in the world of competitive gaming. This free-to-play, first-person-shooter (FPS) game was developed by Riot Games, and released officially to the world in June 2020. The game has already made a reputation for itself in the gaming circles of regions like the EU and North America. Set in the near future, the game has allowed players from all over these regions to unite and battle it out, with new, exciting characters, weapons, charms, and a whole world of paraphernalia.
The smurf accounts available on Myownsmurf are not just high-ranking and ready for competition, but they are also secure accounts that offer the premium advantage of screening hackers and illegal gamers who are just out there to harass neophyte gamers.
Furthermore, the game also has the following attractive features:

Minimum lag: Despite the graphics-heavy nature of the FSP experience, VALORANT is one of the smoothest games out there;
Savable progress: No matter where you get out, you can always kick the same door down at the click of a button!
Unrestricted access to every feature: With great rank, come amazing features! And with that, you have unrestricted access to every secret weapon the game has to offer.
Abundant ranks to choose from: Each rank comes with its own perks. Keep this in mind when choosing a rank to buy too as this may determine how effective your gaming style or strategy is.

Game or no game, it is a battle; and like every battle, there is an arms race here too. To really batter the competition into the sand, each gamer has to be ready and armed with more and more powerful ammo—a serious issue to overcome if you are new to this awesome, complex, and layered game.

That is where we at Myownsmurfs come in. We bring you ready-to-play ranked Valorant accounts that will allow you to unlock newer characters with different skill sets, and different skins, which will give you an added edge over your rivals. In case you have issues like chat-ban, voice-ban, or you just want to start from Square 1, look no further. With Myownsmurfs, you can choose to open as many accounts you want with just one mail ID.

With our ranked Valorant accounts, you not only get a larger-than-life, immersive gaming experience, but also excellent top ranks—and, the subsequent perks of full access to excellent skins, costumes, charms, and weapons! After all, in the big leagues, it is all about the pinch hitter you send out, and with the help of Myownsmurfs ranked VALORANT accounts, you have a definite home run hitter in your hands!

Features You Get With Myownsmurf VALORANT Accounts

VALORANT has amazing in-game graphics and offers an immersive FPS experience—and, with a ranked account, everything we just said just comes with a cherry on top!

To provide you with a truly premium and seamless gaming experience, Myownsmurfsaccounts come with the following.

1.New Characters

With our top-of-the-line VALORANT accounts, we guarantee pure gaming pleasure. We back it up by the fact that we provide you the chance to play with awesome new characters, for an even more innovative and rich gaming session.


Coins are always hard to earn, and of course extremely useful. To make your gaming experience rich, we make your character rich! With every top-ranked VALORANT account, you get premium coins that allow you to make in-game purchases of gaming necessities, like new skins, weapons, and costumes.

3.Other Perks of Great Ranks

With the above advantages of a high rank, there comes an added benefit—with a better character and more premium in-game buys, you can shape and reforge newer gaming strategies, which are more effective at getting the job done. With a high-ranked account, comes high-ranked matchmaking as well, and you can play with other high-ranking players all over EU/North America, using our ranked accounts.

However, some other additional Myownsmurfs benefits are as follows:

4.Full Access

You have full access to all perks included in the rank of the account you purchase. Each rank comes with its different characters, their skill sets, skins, costumes, weapons, charms, etc. So, make your choice wisely and reach your fullest gaming potential, before your opponents do.

5.Low Cost

We believe in spreading pure gaming awesomeness. And what better way to celebrate this awesome, rich game than having more and more players in, to build a more inclusive gaming community?

All of Myownsmurfs VALORANT accounts (and all other gaming accounts that we produce) are low-cost and effective, and will help any new gamer to achieve gaming glory. With instant delivery that we offer with all our smurfs, one doesn’t even need to wait. But, lower-costing accounts also mean your competition can easily get their hands on them too!

So, why wait? Grab your top-ranked VALORANT from Myownsmurf today!

6.Best-in-Class Customer Service

Myownsmurfs doesn’t leave you stranded. We understand that gaming and buying gaming products comes with its fair share of common challenges. Fear not! Our customer service is always just a knock away from helping you. Ask us questions or even just chat about gaming—we have your back mate!

Why Choose Myownsmurf?

Excellent question!

Myownsmurfs back the genuinity of our accounts. Our accounts are tested for third-party software or hacks, which are quite common in inactive or temporarily suspended accounts—only verified high-ranked VALORANT accounts make it onto our website and finally to our users.

Our goods might be great but at the end of the day, they are virtual products. Hence, all Myownsmurf accounts come with instant delivery to every user’s mailbox as soon as payment is verified.

And, Myownsmurf might be new, but we are seasoned gamers too. We know the joys and the pains of gaming—for every issue, our 24*7 customer service is always alert and waiting to help you out. You’ll not find more reasonable rates and better accounts anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? With this formidable list of pros in front of you, high chances are your destined rival is grabbing the account you’re eyeing right now! Don’t lose out!


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