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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our privacy policy strives to better serve our users who are concerned about their personal identifiable information (PII) and its usage online. Please read the FAQ section and the Privacy Policy carefully before purchasing our products.


This comprehensive list highlights how we collect, use, protect, and process your PII on the myownsmurf website.



  • What is the nature of the PII we collect from our users?

When a user orders or registers on our website, they may be asked to save their name, email address, phone number, and payment method for seamless experiences on the website.


  • How is this information used?

The information is collected from users when registering on the website, purchasing our products, responding to market surveys, signing up on newsletters, or using other features of our website.

This information is used in the following ways:

  1. Too fast-track transaction processes
  2. For better customer communication
  3. For a customized and personalized user experience, allowing us to recommend products suitable for the user’s individual needs
  4. Improving the website and its service for enhanced request processing
  5. To ask for ratings, reviews, surveys, and feedback.


  • How do we protect your data?

Our website is regularly scanned for security breaches and vulnerabilities. Your PII is safely locked behind secure networks which are only accessible by limited personnel.

Additionally, all your sensitive and confidential information is encrypted via SSL.


  • What is our policy with respect to third-party links and disclosures?

We are under legal guidelines that forbid us from disclosing your data to third parties. We also do not encourage or advertise third-party products and services on our website.


  • What is your delivery method?

You receive instant access credentials via the email ID you provide us when purchasing our products.


  • What payment methods are accepted?


You can find a detailed list of the payment methods we accept at checkout or on our website. Just scroll down to the very end. The currency we accept is US dollars.