Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are a legal and binding agreement between Myownsmurf and the user visiting this website and using our products. The user’s age must be 18 years of age or above to purchase our accounts and any consequence of violating this mandate will be the sole responsibility of the user. 

Terms of service

Please read the terms of service carefully before purchasing Myownsmurf products.

Myownsmurf sells preset and high-ranking Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and Valorant accounts. Steam’s ToS does not condone the purchasing and selling of their accounts and any transaction pertaining to this nature goes against their code of conduct. Therefore, on purchasing Myownsmurf accounts, you accept the full risks and liabilities associated with this.
In a situation where Steam limits or in any way revokes your smurf account, Myownsmurf will only refund or replace your account within the stipulated 14-day warranty period. Beyond that, no responsibility will be ours and no refund/replacement will be sanctioned from our end due to compliance constraints.
It must be expressly understood on the part of every user of Myownsmurf accounts that the logo, banner, and all forms of multimedia associated with the games are the exclusive property of the stakeholders of the games. Myownsmurf only creates high-ranking accounts with significant play hours.
The account’s username cannot be changed on any condition—the user has the freedom to change their mail ID and password as many times as they want, however. Liabilities and challenges resulting from a situation like this will be the sole responsibility of the user.  


We, at Myownsmurf, take both gaming and client satisfaction very seriously. Playing competitive strategy games requires good gaming gear and expert-level gaming, therefore, if you identify any discrepancy with regard to the ranking of the account you purchase, we urge you to notify us before using it to play any matches. We will either refund the difference or replace the account for you. However, once you use your smurf account to play any competitive matches, we will not replace the account/refund the difference.


Return and refund policy

Refunds shall not be sanctioned for smurf accounts based on the following:

Accounts purchased from Myownsmurf that have been VAC-banned for using hacks and shortcuts and conducting other illicit gaming activities like match tampering, cyber-bullying, harassment, etc., will not be refunded for or replaced.
Myownsmurf will not take any responsibility if any of our clients sell the Myownsmurf accounts they have purchased to third-party gamers. Any liability caused as a consequence of this misconduct will be up to the customer’s own discretion.
Any user found scamming, cheating, or involved with similar other activities shall face severe penalties and sanctions including a permanent ban from our services, confiscation of their account(s), and other disciplinary actions. We recommend users facing any issue while operating their account to contact us via the information on our website for speedy resolution and a hassle-free, secure experience.
If your cards or other transaction means are hacked and used to purchase our account, we will not stand liable, and will not provide any kind of refund or replacement. Our products are intangible ones and once delivered (after payment via fair channels) will not be taken back.


All our products are intangible and virtual and come with a common feature: instant delivery. As soon as the payment is completed and realized, the credentials you need to access your smurf account will be delivered to your mail ID instantly. If the order delivery is delayed beyond a period of five (5) minutes, the user should contact our customer service immediately.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, it should be expressly understood that since there is no need for physical delivery of our virtual products, the user does not qualify for a charge-back in the short term.

Myownsmurf uses third-party transaction portals to accept payments from users. This means that the users are familiar with the risks associated with making such payments, such as failed payments or incomplete transactions, resulting in monetary loss. Myownsmurf will only accept responsibility for errors from our end.


The user will be responsible for any additional fees, taxes, or in-game purchases as well as the delivery of any such purchased items. It should be expressly understood that the cost of these purchases may vary depending on your region, tax, payment portal, etc. The user will be solely accountable for any discrepancy with regard to these items and the resulting financial loss or other mishap.

Smurf accounts purchased from Myownsmurf have no additional shipping cost attached to them, due to the nature of the products. The accepted currency on Myownsmurf is USD to ensure uniformity and convenience.

Individual tax rules might be in place for separate payment gateways, as per the relevant transaction fees; and rates of the products advertised on the website are excluding these taxes. Therefore, products are subject to additional taxation, conversion/exchange fee, etc., at the checkout.

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