How To Get CSGO Prime Account?

csgo prime

Are you looking to buy CSGO prime account? To your advantage, it’s never been easier to get a CSGO prime. All you need is to read the article below where we’ll guide you to the best prime accounts at reasonable prices.

So, sit back, relax, and read through the article to know how you can buy CSGO prime smurf.

Everything About CSGO Prime Account

Earlier, to get a CSGO prime account, players had to undergo the tedious and tiring process of buying a CD key and afterwards activating it through steam. But, it was all in the past! In today’s time, you can buy a prime account directly from several online websites. Now you must be wondering why one should give preference to these online sellers over the traditional way.

These online sellers offer a much more convenient process and usually include a bunch of useful features along with a money-back guarantee and customer support. However, when choosing the website to buy a CSGO smurf account, it is important to do proper research and go through some reviews. Doing this will ensure that you’re getting the account from a reputable seller.

Once you’ve found the right website, simply create an account and purchase CSGO prime account.

Can You Buy CSGO Prime Account?

After a series of changes in the last couple of years, the chance of unlocking a CSGO Prime account for free is completely out of the picture. These changes were made to protect players from scammers. Furthermore, the free Prime Clause, which gave access to unlock the prime for free after reaching rank 21 in the game, was abolished.

How Can I Buy A CSGO Prime Account?

There are mainly two ways to get a prime account, the first one is that those players who are eligible meaning who are above those the rank of 21 can get a prime account. Players can reach this rank by playing and winning matches. After achieving the required rank, they can get a prime account by going to the Steam store and selecting the option to buy a CSGO prime.

Another and more convenient way is to buy a CSGO Prime Smurf from a reputed online seller. Myownsmurf.com is one such website that has the best CSGO Prime smurf accounts listed at the most reasonable prices. You can visit them while you look for your next purchase.

Also, remember that prime status is linked to your mobile number and not your account. Which means you can switch it over to a new account whenever needed. Likewise, purchasing prime will require a valid phone number linked to your Steam account.

How Much Does A CSGO Prime Account Cost?

Well, there’s no single number that defines the value of prime accounts. The price of CSGO Prime Accounts can vary from seller to seller and other factors such as the number of in-game items it contains, the number of wins and losses and its rank. However, the estimated range for a CSGO prime account is anywhere between $20-$400, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Is CSGO Prime Account Worth It?

To be honest with you, it entirely depends on your perspective. Usually, a prime score of 90 or above will increase the probability of getting a clean game without the interference of cheaters. However, the prime account will give you access to ranked matches, which is great if you’re interested in them.

Buying a CSGO prime can give you other benefits as well. Some of them are listed below:

Benefits Of CSGO Prime Account

While there are numerous benefits to getting a CSGO prime account, we’ll be looking at the most significant ones.

  • Players with prime accounts are matched together in matches. Which sets the right level of competitiveness in the game, resulting in better matchmaking.
  • Prime account gives players access to exclusive souvenirs such as skin, weapons, item drops, cases, and all community-operated servers.
  • Getting a CSGO prime account will ensure your safety from submitting and wall hacking to a large extent. Furthermore, you’ll have more competency to avoid cheaters and scammers.

How Do I Get Silver Elite CSGO?

To get your membership upgraded to Elite Silver, you’ll have to collect 25,000 Elite miles. And within one day, you’ll get upgraded to Elite silver rank.

Wrapping Up

You can find a great deal for all types of prime accounts at several online sellers. Myownsmurf.com offers the best CSGO and other steam and non-steam accounts. Prime will give you better matchmaking, a slight improvement in drops, and safety from potential hackers and scammers.

To conclude, it is worth buying the CSGO prime account only from an online seller that has good quality accounts listed on its website. You might want to do some research and read reviews before making a purchase.

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